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Episode 9

Lisa-May Expat for Real

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I had a great chat with Lisa-May the founder of Expat Real where we discussed the global village and American’s attitude to travel and obtaining a passport.  How you need not live a cliched life and travel to different countries to experience different cultures and people.   

What countries you need a tour guide in and the need to have a plan to obtain the local vibe.  How being a tourist you can easily be ripped off and how difficult it is to find a tourist group to give you an authentic vibe.  Educate yourself about the country and the culture you’re visiting and you should do fine.  

The difference between Pride days in New York in comparison to Central America but the joy was still there.  The cost of healthcare in the states and how it’s cheaper to go abroad for dentistry as there now no dental.  The point is to take the American dream where you want and just be down to earth and contribute in some way.  

We ended with some awesome dinner guests and a significant quote. Enjoy!

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