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Episode 7

Superstar DJ ... here we go!

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In episode ... lucky no. 7.  I had an awesome chat with Tom Hardless aka Tommy H up and coming superstar DJ and songwriter.
We talk about his experience of being in a rock band at an early age and the disatisfied feeling it left him with and how this was a catalyst to Tom practicing meditation to start to understand his life and align himself spiritually and bring himself back home to his true self.  

We discuss his journey with his diet, the impact this had on him and how he had to stop being vegan. We have a great chat about Veganism and being a Vegetarian and being mindful of your nutrition as well as his meditation practice being a very important part of his life. 

We touched on the activewear clothing company, I AM VIBES, he created and co-run and how we need to inspire people in our lives wherever we can.

Tom is currently focussing on creating more music over the next few years and you can catch him out and about at different venues spreading those good vibes out DJ'ing. Catch him on Insta @tommyhofficial and www.tommyhofficial.com.

Thankfully Tom's audio was better than mine but don't let this put you off as this dude is truly inspirational and we should take a leaf out of his book and endeavour to be in the center of the Yin and Yang whenever possible.  Also, his favourite quote is a corker! Enjoy!

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