Ace in the Hole
Episode 25

025 - Meth Animals

Ace in the Hole published on

25th Episode!!! We have reached a landmark number of episodes and its time to celebrate! Hosts Andrew, Cary, and Ekin discuss strange, funny, and down right amazing news from around the world! We are joined by a special guest as we recieve our first listener sumbited question! This weeks stories include Meth-Gator a new supervillian unleased on Alabama, spider man is mistaken for satan, man bites snake, snake bites back, penguins channel the ghost of NWA, a woman finds secret to printing money, and finally a tiger checks into hotel and scares guests! From the bottom of our hearts thank you for listening and coming on this journey with us and remember: When you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was when Ace in the Hole carried you!

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