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From Pennies to Millions, Jobless to a Founder of Successful Companies - This Man is a True Ambassador of Determination and Possibilities...

ARV ACHAL published on

Meet this self-made and suave entrepreneur Rahul Tarar from the UK as he bares his heart out with host Arvind Achal about -

  • His humble background and step-by-step journey in life from India to London
  • How a simple innocent remark from his toddler gave him a fresh perspective on life - This will melt your heart
  • How he picked himself up after the shock of a sudden pink-slip little-by-little with great determination
  • How he turned his fortunes to millions after he was down to last few bucks in his bank account
  • How his love for service made him realize the power of hope in the face of pain, turn his hurt into his strength
  • How his desire to make a difference got him into politics 
  • How one can keep his focus with slow and steady efforts - Life is not a game of Football, It is like Golf... One shot at a time.
  • How to build, run and grow successful businesses through proper delegation and diversification

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