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HOW LOVE LIVES ON FOREVER - This will make you emotional…

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She overcame the shocking loss of the love of her life who was murdered but she still draws strengths from him...  Meet Terri Wade from the US who has come a long way from setting up lemonade stands as a kid to a highly sought-after marketing consultant, coach and entrepreneur overcoming personal losses, defying odds and naysayers in this journey.

In her amazing conversation with LiveLifeXXXL show host Arvind Achal, she talks about ---

  • How she overcame the shocking loss of her boyfriend who was murdered and how she still draws strengths from his spirit (at 38:00 min)
  • How she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and how she always believed in the possibilities - "If you can do it, I can do it too"
  • What helped her recognize her self-worth despite feeling nearly suicidal due to getting bullied in her childhood
  • How understanding the law of attraction and law of polarity played a significant role in her growth
  • Why people need to be aware of their energy through meditation to be able to intuitively tune into a positivity, happiness and abundance
  • How to pick the right business for you and also stay ready to change course along the way
  • How working on self-image also helps with overcoming procrastination and improves productivity
  • How to make a good use of the power of networking with genuine intention
  • How to practically harness and transmute sexual energy towards positive outcome on your goals
  • How to live an overall happy, serving and abundant life all the time

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