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How to Stay Naturally Healthy Everyday of Your Life...

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Get great ideas and tips on how to become less reliant on medical intervention to deal with day-to-day issues. Meet Mary Beckett from Canada who is a Certified Aromatherapist and the founder of BlueICe Essentials - a wellness company in this week's episode. 

In her wonderful conversation with LiveLifeXXXL show host Arvind Achal, she talks about ---

  • Her life story and struggles with nagging health issues and how she got over those using natural solutions like essential oils
  • How people can use natural solutions to improve their baseline health
  • How prevention and reduction of environmental toxins can help people live better lifestyles
  • How to balance your health systems to improve your energy levels
  • Her upcoming book "How to Enjoy the S#it Out of Life" on her personal philosophy on life, health, essential oils, natural solutions

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