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Episode 2

002: Kris Massie - What is your why?

Paul McWilliam published on

In this episode Paul talks with Kris Massie, a former AFL footballer, coach and now highly successful Personal Trainer, speaker and wellness expert about how to plan for and live a healthier more productive life whilst being aware of what you want to manifest through your healthier living. Kris enjoyed a 10 year AFL career with Carlton and Adelaide but found himself suffering from chronic fatigue four years into his career at the age of 21 and struggling to cope with the rigourous demands of AFL football. He changed his diet, educated himself on nutrition and healthy living and now it's part of his life's mission to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for wellness with his clients and anyone who wants to better themselves. We had a great conversation and learnt a lot and I look forward to checking in with Kris again in the future for some more great information.

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Instagram @chi_pt


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