Adelaide Real - A guide to getting your fit together.
Episode 3

003: Virginia Czarnocki - Age is no barrier, it's merely a limitation you put on your mind.

Paul McWilliam published on

In this weeks episode Paul speaks with Virginia Czarnocki. Virginia is a personal trainer, gym owner and coach who has a background in the military training new recruits. She is also an ex-lawyer with over twenty years experience. Virginia now runs a successful gym and Personal Training business in the Cayman Islands. She has been interested in fitness and well being her whole life and as a former trainer for the Scottish Territorial Armies new recruits she has a no rubbish approach to training. She tells it like it is and believes in the power of exercise to help people of all ages to be their best. In this episode Virginia tells Paul about her wellness journey and how being fit has helped in her battle with depression. Virginia is an example to others in her community and I think you'll enjoy and more importantly learn from Virginia's insights.

Virginia also has her own Podcast called the Mummy manuel and it can be found here:

Virginia can also be found on facebook:

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