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Episode 6

006: Christian Kruse - Overcoming challenges, developing mental strength and just move your body.

Paul McWilliam published on

In this epsiode Paul speaks with Christian Kruse about overcoming challenges by developing mental strength through letting go. Christian has a background as a high level Triathlon competitor, as an officer in the Mountain Infantry Division of the German Army, a Yogi and he is now a Podcaster (The Authentic Creator Podcast) and Content creator for business.

Christian talks about his early years and the challenges his family faced and how they came through these challenges. He has learned through his years of triathlon training, army service and yoga practice that you have a choice, you can take one of two forks in the road, you can take a dicsiplined approach and create your own path or you can take the other path and become a victim of your circumstances.

I had a fabulous time speaking with Christian and appreciated his openness and ability to articulate is thoughts and experiences.

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