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Episode 10

010: Josh LaJaunie : From 195kg to 90kg and inspiring others.

Paul McWilliam published on

Joshua Dan LaJaunie was a big man, over 195kg (qpprox. 420lbs) with a big appetitie for food, whiskey and life. He still has the big appetite for life but he's educated himself about health and nutrition and seen amazing results in the process.

He now inspires others with the Missing Chins Run Club and his willingness to share his story and experience with anyone who cares to learn. He is a wonderful example of a person who has changed their own life and circumstances but in the process inspired others to make the changes necessary to help themselves on the same journey.


From a hunting, fishing and BBQing background Josh is now a proud Vegan and advocate for the benefits of a plant based diet. I learnt a lot and had a great time talking with Josh, his enthusiasm is infectious, I hope you learn as much and enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


Josh can be found here:

Facebook: @joshlajournie

Instagram: @joshlajournie


Adelaide Real can be found here:

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