Adelaide Real - A guide to getting your fit together.
Episode 12

012: Drew Manning: Fit2Fat2Fit - Do the work, follow the process, the results will come over time.

Paul McWilliam published on

Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit is our special guest on this podcast. Really excited to interview this weeks guest Drew Manning. Drew is the Fit2Fat2Fit Guy who as a personal trainer gained 75Lbs (34kg) on purpose over 6 months and then lost it again in 6 months to see what it felt like for his overweight clients. He now is a successful Author, TV presenter and runs an enormously successful fitness business which helps thousands of people across the globe.

Drew talks aboout how he learned that being overweight is more than just the physical challenges, it also the mental challenges that make it so hard for people to make a positive change.

Drew is a great bloke and I think you'll enjoy our chat on Episode 12 of The Adelaide Real Podcast - A guide to getting your fit together.


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