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Episode 13

013: Declan McGovern: The Farmer Fit Journey to Transformation Glory

Paul McWilliam published on

This weeks guest is Declan McGovern. Declan is the male winner of the 2018 $250k Transformation Challenge, securing himself the tidy sum of $100k. A little over 12 months ago Declan started his weightloss journey after learning that by him being overweight it could be one of the factors in the complications his wife was experiencing carry her pregnancies to term. He didn't want his lack of fitness to be the reason she was experienceing multiple misscarriages, so he changed his diet and his lifestyle around exercise and fitness.

Following some early success with some positive weightloss results and after reconnecting with a mate who owned a gym he discovered the $250k Transformation Challenge. This 12 week challenge topped off the final piece of the puzzle for Declan in his transformation journey and catapulted him to Worldwide view via his Farmer Fit Journey on instagram, Facebook and

The journey wasn't easy but Declan showed what can be achieved with discipline, hard work and having a WHY when pursuing change. With the funds they received from the prize pool Declan and his wife Christina are pursuing IVF treatment to try to achieve their dream of having another child.

I loved this interview with Declan and I hope you do as well.


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