Episode 16

Claude Abrams - Powered by Plants

Virginia Czarnocki published on

Loved having Claude on the show. Claude is a fitness and strength coach, originally from London but now based in Chichester, West Sussex, specialising in body transformations, powerlifting, boxing and natural movement. He wasn't always a coach though and spent over 23 years as a journalist in the world of boxing. 

Claude is a father of 2, aged 7 and 12 and at 51 years of age, is in amazing shape. He powers his body using a plant based diet, something I think about often but haven't yet managed to commit to fully. 

If you ask Claude, he'll tell you that "it’s never too late to begin", "everyone should be doing some form of resistance training", and "the greatest hindrances to gaining and retaining a healthy physical condition are lifestyle; impatience and excuses". 

Check him out here. You'll love his daily vlogs 

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