Episode 17

Coach V - How To Get Anything You Want in Life

Virginia Czarnocki published on

You are here today with yours truly. 

I always have people asking how I do it. How did you build a gym from scratch. How did you become a partner in a law firm at such a young age. How did you manage to work full time and have 3 kids. How have you managed to stay fit and healthy. How are you managing to crush your online business. 

I'd love to tell you I'm special but I'd be lying. I'm not. I'm actually really, really boring. I make lists. I'm consistent and I'm committed. 

Tune in to hear how I do it. 

I promise that if you follow my steps, you will get what you want. Go on. Listen in and then try. You need to be committed though. Don't go looking for Motivation. He lives with the Gruffalo (my favourite ever kid's book). 

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