Episode 12

Jo Westley - Be Your Own Data Controller

Virginia Czarnocki published on

I have the beautiful Jo Westley on the show today. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting data, weight loss, autism, attitude, accountability and more. 

Jo is a board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA) in London. She works with children and adults on the autism spectrum. 

Jo has taken herself from an obese, unhappy teen with disordered views about food to the healthy, happy woman she is today. She is passionate about applying behaviour analysis to health and fitness and putting people back in control of their own lives. 

Jo encourages people to be their own data controllers and understand their bodies at a data level. She says “nobody should feel helpless about their health, fitness, weight, sleep..... in fact, any aspect of life. There is always quantifiable, measurable data to observe and available research as to what might better it. Have fun with it.”

Thanks Jo! It was a pleasure. Check out Jo on instagram here

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