All Torque Car Podcast
Episode 22

22: David Stewart visits Dutton Garage

Peter Ronis published on

Part 2 of the Victorian specials and the boys travel to Dutton Garage and meet up with Melbourne real estate agent David Stewart. The boys discuss what cars real estate agents should drive and learn whether real estate agents ferry people around in their large cars. We learn about David's loyal car history.  The boys learn about driving in Melbourne and road safety techniques used in Victoria. What car would you drive out of Dutton Garage.  Ross hacked his X5 and set the infotainment to Christmas mode and did not change it when he traded it in. The boys figure out how to drive a Tesla for free with insurance and Ross explains how his multivan turns into an electric car with one cord!!  Listener Leo Sarris writes in about future classics.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and email us your questions

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