All Torque Car Podcast
Episode 89

89: Boat on a Boat

Peter Ronis published on

The boys are back in the studio talking about the recent events.  Peter has two new additions to the fleet - a 1990 Bentley Turbo R and the arrival of the AMG A35 for his wife.  They discuss how Peter should give the car to her as a Christmas surprise.  Ross talks about the boat on a boat. The boys talk about taking profile shots in front of the "Good morning Good afternoon Good Evening" building.  Halil lied about owning a ute to help a damsel in distress. Peter received a questionnaire from Porsche - Ross did not.  Halil talks about the fixed price dealership model proposed by Honda and Mercedes.  Peter and Ross compare dealer delivery experiences and what apps do teenagers use to communicate with each other.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (not one of the apps teenagers use) and email us

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