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Episode 133


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Matt Gagnon is a rule-breaking mindset coach with a mission statement to, “Live With a Courageous Heart.” The TEDx keynote speaker is a bulletproof optimist, and is our latest guest on American Real.

Matt quickly dives into his story and his work, discussing different levels of transformation, saying, “I am always in a state of transformation. Transformation is growth.” Matt’s father was his best friend, and after his death, Matt sought out friends that aligned with his values, especially strong male friends. Many lessons came out of that experience, including there is no perfect moment to take a leap of faith in yourself.

The conversation flowed into his struggle with Addison’s disease and narcolepsy, overcoming adversity, and hitting rock bottom. Matt discussed the joy in generosity, the ability to receive, as well as his GoFundMe campaign. In addition, he touches on what he refers to as his five key supply lines; sleep, eating healthy, fitness, family/community, and prayer.

We also cover:

- Matt’s career in retail leadership. His developing and training of great talent.

- Serving people. Unhealthy serving (trying to rescue vs. be a servant-leader).

- When are you going to show up bigger in life?

- The purpose behind serving. Is it because you feel needed, or, is it because it’s driven by purpose?

- Our opportunity to create, influence or destroy our own paths.

- Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey - will you answer the call?

- Wanting to be rescued was the most difficult event he had to overcome.

- Matt’s typical day.

- Matt contribution to the book, Coach Wisdom, available on Amazon.

- Music. “Every life needs a soundtrack.”

- Matt’s passion of vinyl records.

- Embracing singing.

- Matt’s call to his 20-year-old self.

- Matt Gagnon’s legacy.

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Call/text Matt: 512-541-6561

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