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In October of 1973, Yoram Solomon was eight years old living in Tel Aviv. It was the third day of the Yom Kippur War when the Israeli Minister of Defense announced, “This is going to be the end of the State of Israel.” That day, the young child heard a loud sound coming from the sky. Looking up, he saw the markings under the wing of a massive military plane that read, U.S. Air Force. It was his introduction to the country that supported Israel to end the war, and the land where he would one day call home.

After spending five years of active duty and ten years in the reserves for the Israeli Defense Forces, his training combined with his study and work as an engineer, painted his thinking for today. After starting a technology company, Yoram and his wife had the burning desire to move to the U.S., with their sights set on Silicon Valley. Tune in to hear this amazing story of how hard work, determination, and trust helped this amazing human thrive in America.


- Yoram’s PhD research on Innovation Culture.

- How trust found Yoram.

- The foundation of trust.

- Evaluating an entrepreneurial idea.

- Yoram’s model of TRUST; It’s easier to build trust, than rebuild trust.

- The definition of trustability.

- Yoram’s new book, The Book of Trust.

- The six components of trustworthiness.

- The importance of being a good listener.

- The uniqueness of Yoram’s model of trust.

- Rate My Professors website.

- Trust is dynamic.

- Why it’s important to focus on every action.

- How to trust people on social media.

- The body language of email/ texts.

- The power of video, and how it increases trustability.

- The value of Yoram’s book(s) - getting to the depth of trust.

- Yoram’s legacy.

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