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Episode 141


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Peter Sage is a Glass Ceiling Destroyer for Frustrated High Performers, a Six-Time TEDx Speaker, a No.1 Best Selling Author & Elite Coach and our latest guest on American Real.

In this episode, Peter provides his viewpoint as an alternative to what he calls the "fear based" initiative of the mainstream media. Peter aims to empower and provide our viewers with tools and guidelines in which to navigate the "scenario" of COVID-19. He feels there are other options to consider.

Show Notes:

- Peter provides an overview to the "current situation" of COVID-19.

- The two primary statistics that nobody is questioning.

- The agenda that's driving the information.

- Fear inducing media.

- The "COVID-19" test, standard PCR test is not testing for the virus.

- The truth about the "positive" results that the virus is spreading.

- Ask better questions—the steering wheel of the mind.

- Misdirection from the World Health Organization and the media.

- The false narrative of classifying the cause of deaths.

- The diagnosis by doctors and what they're seeing is that lung function is like the classic symptoms of altitude sickness.

- The CDC and WHO, comparison to the AIDS virus.

- How many virus' live inside of each of us?

- The Corona Nocebo.

- The power of the immune system, and what compromises it most.

- Fear-based thoughts.

- The power of the mind.

- This is not a pandemic of the virus, it's a pandemic of testing.

- Vaccines.

- The Politician's filter.

- Empower yourself by asking better questions.

- Be the star of your own movie.

- Reevaluating what's important.

- The illusion of certainty.

- Q & A from LIVE viewers.

- We will get to the truth.

- Do your research, and ask better questions.

- Peter's final thoughts... don't wish the lockdown away.


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