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Episode 151


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Mikko Carrea is the Co-Founder and Energy Master at LoveAll 5D. Today we take a bit of a different course with the show, starting out with Mikko leading us through a breath-work exercise. I wish I didn’t have a suite and tie on for this one! He discusses his daily show, “Natural High; Soul Cycle for the Breath” and how it’s catching on with his audience. Since we recorded this podcast, American Real teamed up with Mikko and the LoveAll 5D family to create a morning partnership streaming the show at 6:36 Central/ 7:36 Eastern Time. Mikko refers to this work as “spiritual hygiene” as part of the morning routine. Then, we dive into Mikko’s story and how his transformation unfolded, and brought him to his work today.


- Mikko’s past mistakes, being lost and trying to figure out where to placer his energy.

- Stripping away desires.

- His athletic background feels like a lifetime ago.

- How Mikko’s showing up to the world.

- Human stories vs. heaven on earth.

- The digital diet.

- Bringing awareness into our busy days.

- F E A R and N O N - J U D G E M E N T

- A healthy diet on all levels. - Holding Space.

- Finding inner calmness, no matter what is happening around you.

- The creation of LoveAll 5D.

- “I’m not a master. When it comes down to it, you’re just mastering your energy in your most difficult moments.”

- Mikko’s shift.

- The expansion moments.

- Mikko and Biji’s work.

- Getting back to the basics.

- The practice of gratitude.

- Being of service.

- How Mikko helps his clients master their energy.

- Connecting with the LoveAll 5D team:

- Master Your Energy, Master Your Life (visit the LoveAll 5D website).

- The analogy of baseball as a true team sport.

- Visualizing the game on the field.

- Mikko’s advice for his 20-year-old self.

- Mikko Carrea’s legacy.


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