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Matthew Feshbach is the CEO of AMBROSE, pursuing his overarching purpose to help people with complex chronic diseases live better lives.  AMBROSE is providing the “right to try” cell therapy in accordance with the Right to Try Act, and, in complete alignment with their Mission: To help people with chronic degenerative diseases improve symptoms, function, and quality of life using adult stem cell therapy.


Matt took an unconventional path throughout his business career. He did not attend college, but instead taught tennis at private homes in Silicon Valley. Through that experience, he developed professional and personal relationships with some of the most prominent leaders in the San Francisco investment community. 


In 1982, he co-founded Feshbach Bros, with his brothers Kurt and Joe. Feshbach Bros. managed the first “short-only” hedge fund, and assets under management grew from $20,000 to $1 Billion in 9 years. 


In 2009, he and his brother, Joe, began researching adult stem cells and their potential due to their interest in a publicly-traded company. They spoke to researchers from all over the world – Israel to Japan, Holland to Spain, and New York to Los Angeles. Their quest was to understand the best source of adult stem cells, as well as the science, technologies, and unmet medical needs that could potentially be addressed with cell therapy. 


Listen to the full story on today's episode of American Real.


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