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Episode 19


Roger Brooks published on

Did you ever stop and think that a positive attitude may just be the key ingredient to leading a fulfilling life? 

Giving that little extra in whatever you do. 

Leading by example and not being so uptight. 

Giving a thousand times more than you receive. 

Finding and cultivating your passion.  

Knowing you are who you spend the most time with.

Being comfortable on the inside — having nothing to prove.

Putting family and good friends above all.

These are just a few of the traits of Raymond H. Stanton, II — our guest this week on American Real. His story is one of strength, passion and determination. 

Spending most of my professional career working closely with Ray and his family, he'd often tell us to do "whatever it takes" to get a task done. That has always stuck with me. 

His leadership gave us the confidence to become one of the fastest growing companies in America, for three straight years!

Ever since my early days working at Dine-A-Mate, I never want to give up on anyone, or anything. 

I have always felt a sense of satisfaction in completing whatever I set out to do.

I owe a great deal to Ray.

I have learned that we are all capable of so much more.

We have a lot to offer the world—each of us.

These days, I don't waste a minute of time. From the moment I open my eyes I try to live each day as if it's my last, as we just don't know when that day will come.

It's no coincidence that Ray Stanton is our last episode of the year, and our first episode of the new year. I hope my conversation with him sparks a little something within you. I hope the passion in his voice gives you some extra drive. I hope he motivates you to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help you better fulfill your life and the lives of those around you.

Happy New Year! Here's to 2018!!
—Roger Brooks?

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