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Episode 60


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This week I sit down with one of my heroes and mentors, Jeffrey Gitomer. My conversation with Jeffrey is the very reason I became a podcaster—to be able to connect you with top influencers from their respective fields of work. Jeffrey’s pragmatic approach to his books and speaking make him one of the most sought after people in the world when it comes to the world of sales. He has helped millions of salespeople worldwide become better at their craft.

“The old way of selling doesn’t work anymore. I am not going to find your pain… your pain is none of my business,” says Gitomer. “If they like you and they believe you and they have confidence in you and they trust you then they may buy from you.” The world of sales is ever-changing.

As a bonus, you’ll get a first-hand account of the story behind The First Writing’s of Napoleon Hill “Truthful Living” — a timeless gem of work, where the Forward, Actions and Annotations are craftily assembled by Jeffrey Gitomer. Get the first chapter of Truthful Living FREE by clicking here: 

In addition, you’ll receive Jeffrey’s take on items such as; preparation, prospecting, the importance of asking questions, the cold call, social media, podcasting and branding. Also, you’ll learn how Jeffrey conceived his edgy, funny and unique style for his books. #Gitomer #BuyGitomer #NapoleonHill #TruthfulLiving#AmericanReal #EveryoneHasAStory #MakeREALStoriesGoViral 

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