American Real

Episode 65


Roger Brooks published on


DeAnne Smith is taking the comedy scene by storm! She has performed all over the world, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Iceland Comedy Festival and Just for Laughs Montreal and Chicago to name a few. She’s also been on TV in four countries, including on Last Comic Standing NBC, The Late Late Show on CBS, Canada’s The Comedy Network and CBC, Australia’s Channel 10 and ABC, and UK’s Sky TV. Soon, you'll be able to see her on her upcoming Netflix special!

DeAnne and I sit down for a genuine conversation, as she goes deep into what it takes to be a professional comedian... and the journey it took to get where she is today. Deanne gives us the inside scoop of how she likes the pressure of external deadlines in order to prepare new material, the process of testing-out her material on stage and how comedy forced her to become a better person.

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