Animated Batcast
Episode 5

Night of the Ninja

Paul Hart published on

We are back for another episode and there is lots of news to cover. First we go over the news that Tom King is leaving the main title of Batman for DC Comics with issue 85 being his last issue for the series. We discuss our thoughts on his new announced Batman/Catwoman mini-series. We cover the Harley Quinn Joker comic coming from Black Label. We discuss the Tom King written and Ava DuVernay New Gods movie in development. Do you want a Booster Gold movie? We also discuss the confirmed news of Robert Pattinson officially being named Matt Reeves cinematic Batman in what could possibly be a trilogy that could feature the boy wonder. Paul reviews the newest DC animated film Batman Vs. TMNT and Rebekah and Paul review DC Universe's newest original program Swamp Thing. Finally after some confusion we review the episode Night of the Ninja! Is Summer Gleason more than just a reporter? Does Batman get his groove back? Will Dick ever help with the dishes? Does this episode turn on the batsignal or does it get sent to the asylum?

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