Animated Batcast
Episode 9

Tyger Tyger

Paul Hart published on

This week Rebekah and Paul are joined by Chris Eaton from The Council of Comicdom and Snakes and the Fatman. News that we cover this week is DC Universe at Comic Con and the Batman Experience featuring Todd McFarlane(?!) What does the announcement of HBO Max possibly hold for the future of DC Universe? Black is the color of the week as we talk about two new series coming from Jeff Lemire for DC's Black Label, Lemire will be penning Joker: Killer Smile and The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage. Todd Philips discusses his idea for a DC Black and how his Joker movie is not adapting from any comic storyline or prior incarnation. Finally does the doomed Flash movie have some hope with IT director Andy Muschietti. Finally we go back to reviewing episodes from Batman: The Animated Series, this week we will be tackling Tyger, Tyger. Is it a Batcave or does this Island of Dr. Moreau inspired episode find its way to Arkham Asylum.  Subscirbe to Chris's podcast and make sure to subscribe and leave a review for The Animated Batcast! 

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