Ankylosing Spondylitis Natural Health

Episode 21

Ashley Flynn - Physiotherapist. AS Diagnosed. Tried No Starch Diet. Mind Body Healed

Michael Eisner published on

Ashley is 25 years old he is from Perth Australia and lives in Perth. He comes from a traditional middle class family, parents together, plenty of friends and relatives, no real family drama, top student primary school a high achiever in highschool and middle of pack university. He graduated with a bachelor of Physiotherapy and is now working in a private physiotherapy practice in Perth. He has an AS Diagnosis. Symptoms came on when he was 16 and took years to get the diagnosis. In the progressing onset of AS his ability to play basketball which he loved was greatly diminished. He was on various pharmaceuticals and deeply entrenched in a no starch diet. He followed Ralph Ruiz  ended up training with Ralph and healed himself using Mind-Body techniques. This episode is loaded with insight. It was a real pleasure meeting with Ashley over skype and making this episode! Ashley introduced me to the Jefferson Curl (look it up) which I have been doing in the gym and love! Thank you Ashley. Enjoy the episode!

Ralph Ruiz @ Ralphitness

Peter Winslow @ AS Victors Association

Michael Eisner (Me :-)


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