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Episode 33

Brady Mavetz - AS Diagnosed. Off all Medication including Biologics.

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Brady Mavetz is 24 years old, from the suburbs of Minnesota and raised in a supportive family. Became very competitive in his youth. He wasn’t sure of what career to go into, so he trained to be an Engineer only to discover that it wasn’t his passion. He pushed through the program because he thought it was what people wanted him to do. He was operating under the assumption that it took hard work that determined his value. He holds this mentality responsible for leading him into disease. 

Here are some key points within the interview. 

I asked him, why spread this message and this is what he said. Part of recovering from an “incurable disease”, when you're in it, the fear that you can never get out of the clutches of that reality can be quite scary. 

He mentions needing many testimonials in order to believe that it was actually possible. He wondered, how could the mind be possible for controlling physical pain?

He discusses his choice to have Arthroscopic hip surgery performed, which led to a year of rehab and no improvement.  

When he began taking Biologics he went from a 8 or 9 in pain down to 7 or 6. Switched to Enbrel which helped a little more but not much. 

Was working with Ralph Ruiz for a couple weeks and was getting fearful because he still felt pain. Ralph offered this advice “just imagine that this program doesn’t work for you, that you have already failed” and within a week Brady’s pain had gone down significantly. Brady realized he was putting too much pressure on himself.  

Brady goes on to say, don’t resist emotion as it comes up. It has nothing to do with reality. The more he sat with these uncomfortable emotions, the easier it became. A lot of the pain comes up because of the resistance to feeling and allowing this emotion to be there.  

He is learning to trust himself more rather than trying to produce himself through the eyes of other people 

Go to 41:50 to hear Brady describe how bizarre it is to feel pain disappear by essentially doing nothing but admitting to thoughts and emotions. His belief was that nothing is easy, so he was over complicating everything, over thinking and it turns out it was much easier than he could imagine and it didn’t really involve thinking. He learned what was required was to let the fear of not knowing what he was doing be there. To let it be there. 

Go to 46:40 where he sums it all up. What he says here is what can be learned from pain and discomfort.  

49:00 How working with a coach can be helpful.  

51:35 What someone may learn if they started training in mind body work. 

55:25  Listen to this. 

58:35 How he is doing now. Getting off all medication.

1:11:20  If you are questioning the validity of the mind body connection.

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Ralph's Website.

Check out his Michael Brown Interview.  He does a great discription of intergrating emotion.


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