Ankylosing Spondylitis Natural Health

Episode 15

Jodie D'Onofrio - Nausea, pain, stiffness and emotionally lost. Mindfulness, meditation and awareness lead to ease.

Michael Eisner published on

She was Nauseous, in pain, stiff, and emotionally lost. She tried diet and all kinds of medication.  Ultimately it was Mindfulness, meditation and a greater awareness of her mental/emotional patterns that lead her to more ease. Jodie grew up in Western Pennsylvania in a very outdoorsy, rustic, business oriented family. She was a competitive athlete and serious weight lifter.  She studied at Penn State University for 7 years. Undergraduate degree: Speech-Language Pathology. Graduate degree: Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education. She is a Yoga and meditation teacher. She went through a serious bout of Ankylosing Spondylitis and managed to recover. With her education there are many career options but she misses being involved with coaching people with autoimmune complications. That will be her main focus moving forward.

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