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Episode 18

Michael Eisner - 25 years of AS symptoms. 10 years searching. Grateful to have found Mind-Body healing.

Michael Eisner published on

This is me interviewed by Simon Schmid on his podcast “Back Pain Movement”  In this episode I tell how AS affected me for 26 years and how I got better. Symptoms started when I was around 10 years old and I was diagnosed at 18. I was on Arthrotec, Celebrex and other NSaids as well as Sulphasalazine on and off for years. I resisted taking medication and was very eager to try out many different ways to reduce inflammation naturally. It wasn’t until I meet Ralph Ruiz, Sky Denton and coached with Peter Winslow that I realized I had been treating the symptoms and not the cause. All these guys determined the cause of their disease and addressed it through the mind body connection and are now living normal lives. This inspired me to do the same. Today I am healthier than ever. I am excited to spread this message so that people who are interested in getting better in this way know they have an option.

Below are links to Simon Schmid’s podcast, Peter Winslow, Ralph Ruiz, Sky Denton and me.  Feel free to contact me or any of these guys if you have any questions.

Simon Schmid @ Back Pain Movement

Michael Eisner (Me :-)

Peter Winslow @ AS Victors Association

Ralph Ruiz @ Ralphitness

Sky Denton @ AS Freedom



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