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Episode 5

Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya: Secretes to Making A Difference: Step into The World, Ask The Community, Hold onto Your Dreams

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Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya: Secretes to Making A Difference: Step Into The World, Ask The Community, Keep Your Dreams.


This episode requires your strong will, your strong mind, your strong spirit. 


Eddy Nyarwaya shares memories from genocide.

He exemplifies how to turn a life in trauma into a life with ideal humanity, idea caliber, ideal spirit. 

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Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya is a longstanding peace building activist.


1994 he survived genocide. (Genocide against the Tutsi)

Today his work reaches out to communities in Rwanda at Village Impact Projects.


This is his history:

-] Founded and directs Rwanda Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peace Building

-] Received his masters degree in International Relations from Nkumba University, Uganda. 

-] An independent researcher on National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, Rwanda.  

-] Country Director for the International Child Resource Institute in Rwanda 

     - Helping vulnerable kids in established communities.

-] Delivered public lecturers at: 

     Auckland University

     Auckland University of Technology

     University of Otago New Zealand

     Various universities in Republic of  Ireland

-] Supporting women with projects generating thought-income

     -Relationships, Reconciliation, Trust among communities



He faces challenges shared amongst many community driven efforts: exposure, resources, engagement.


To overcome these challenges he confronts his past to keep alive the memories from survivors.


Eddy puts himself into projects that would overwhelm anyone who finds themselves  starting to help their own communities. We learn much about our own potential from watching your interviews, listening to your lectures, reading your articles, and learning more about these projects.


His ultimate goal guides you towards impacting your communities spiritually, physically, and economically.


This is Eddy Kalisa Nyarwaya’s story. 


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