Apollo Apostolos

Episode 4

Mr. Levi - Physiological-Experience and Epigenetic Self-Reflection from a Hard-Working Leatherworker

Apollo Apostolos published on

In this episode Mr. Levi explores his ancestry with an epigenetic perspective for the first time. :D

He found a link between his tolerance to stress, ability to execute exceptional work ethic, and the attraction to working with his hands with his parents’ own history of working with their hands compounded with the work ethic required of them.

We talk:

                  Physiological distribution of cognition
                  Going on Autopilot
               & Saddle Stitch – The stitch that guarantees quality.

Mr. Levi certainly gives of a vibe of someone who cares to understand the process he finds himself.
Now, I bet he understands the Levi Loya inside the process.

Mr. Levi works leather into relatable, desirable productions. 

We find his Instagram aesthetically bringing leatherworking back into contemporary fashion.
- @Loyalty Leathers - Instagram

His quote found on his Etsy store.
 “I've always admired people who make things with their bare hands and fascinated with their craft. I wanted to become a craftsman, and I've always appreciated quality leather goods, so here I am. “
LoyaltyLeathers - Etsy


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