Apple to Oranges: Apple TV+ Original Review Show (Physical, Mythic Quest, Liseys Story)
Episode 23

Episode 23-Corman Finale/Lasso Penultimate/Morning Show

Paul Hart published on

Welcome to episode 23 where the furniture gets rearranged with new bumpers and two new segments. In news the Peanuts are ringing in the new year, Apple is breaking bad, Jamie Tartt is represented and Lasso secures sponsorships. Mr. Corman is offiicially over and did it go out on a high or is everyone happy to see it go? Morning Show is starting to show its cards but is it engaing enough to capture season ones vibe? Finally Lasso is gearing up for its season 2 finale is everyone excited or did this episode do little to ramp up the drama? Follow us on twitter @ATO_pod and subscribe and leave a review!

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