Apple to Oranges: Apple TV+ Original Review Show (Physical, Mythic Quest, Liseys Story)
Episode 6

Mythic Quest-Backstory Lisey's Story-Bool Hunt

Paul Hart published on

We have officially moved in to our new home! The first "official" Apple to Oranges podcast starts with a bang or more accurately a Blink! To help celebrate the first episode Billy Blinks from Scene Invaders joins Jesse, June and Paul. Billy talks about Scene Invaders and the Mania Club which is an amazing foundation that does so much work in helping children with cancer. The new teaser for upcoming Apple Shows is broken down. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Will Ferrell, Kathryn Hahn and many more are all set to come out in new original series and movies. The new trailer Invasion gets a quick look. The second trailer for Physical gets a deep dive and analysis. What shows brought Billy into Apple TV+? Billy and Paul give a quick chat about 1971 and Mosquito Coast. Jesse gives her thoughts on the current season of Trying. In the first part of our main event Billy, Jesse and Paul talk about the first episode of the new Stephen King adaptation Lisey's Story starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen. Is it juicy or rancid? Does the bold storytelling and visuals pay off or is it one of Apples first misses? In the main event the long anticipated stand alone episode Backstory! is finally here! Does it live up to last seasons masterpiece A Dark Quiet Death? Who loved this? Who wanted more? Everyone breaks down the overall themes and story while giving predicitions and thoughts on how this affects one of our established characters! Thank you to all of you who downloaded and subscribed! Leave a review! Find us on twitter @ATO_pod, facebook at Apple to Oranges: An Apple TV+ Original content review show. You can find us on all podcast services! Thanks to Jesse for the rad logo! See you all next week!

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