Arctic Canada - The Culture Cure
Episode 6

Cultural Identity - A Story of Rediscovery and Success - Part 2

Robert Feagan published on

Kylik Kisoun Taylor is the owner/operator of Tundra North Tours, a tourism company based out of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada, inside the Arctic Circle. Although of Gwich'in and Inuvialuit decent, Kylk was raised in the Southern regions of Canada. At sixteen years of age he returned North to meet his birth mother and family. The experience of rediscovering his culture was profound! In this episode, Kylik continues to discuss the importance of culture and the land, to people of the Mackenzie Delta and the Arctic. He outlines the goals of his company, to strengthen, and keep the connection strong between the indigenous peoples of the Delta and their customs, as well as to educate visitors from the South through the interactive experiences his tour company offers. He also shares the importance of embracing new ideas such as technology, without losing the connection to the land and cultural identity.

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