Arctic Canada - The Culture Cure
Episode 26

Reclaiming Inuit Identity in the Aftermath of Colonialism Through Artistic Expression-Avianna Mackenzie

Robert Feagan published on

Realistic and diverse representations of Inuit women and their relationships to their bodies is something that Canadian, Iqualuit, Nunavut-based artist Avianna Mackenzie has made a central theme in her digital illustration practice. Creating art that combats colonized views and understandings of womanhood and femininity, Avianna's work is created with a clear message of destigmatization and reinforcement of positive body image. Much of Avianna's work is inspired by interactions she observes and exchanges in on social media, a place where women are both granted agency over their own bodies and representation while simultaniously policed by others who seek to either shame or hyper-sexualize them.

On this episode we discuss Avianna's connection to her culture, colourism in the Inuit community, the motivation behind Avianna's art, battling the untruths of and misconceptions created by colonialism and religion, the role adopting traditional tattoos has played in Avianna's claiming her identity, challenges facing the Arctic and much more!

For more information on Avianna's art you can visit "Ulliaq Creations" on facebook and @ulliaq_creations on instagram.  

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