Area Code 555
Episode 2

Area Code 555 - Episode 02 - October - Halloween

Area Code 555 published on

It's Halloween night and despite the heavy rain out the Area Code 555 neighbourhood is buzzing with activity! Amongst the trick or treaters braving the weather are two big guys in boiler suits, one with a hocky mask and the other is like a pasty Captain Kirk. There are some out tonight who are far too old to be scrounging for chocolate, even if it is just a Bounty on offer. Four guys in particular, wearing similar capes, look at least 420 years old.

Come inside and join the guys as they talk about fun scary films such as Friday the 13thNightmare on Elm Street and Halloween and how different they are to proper terrifying movies such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Also, are Zombie films horror? And how has John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness aged? Like "very old wine" or like a flaking coconut centered chocolate bar?

Enjoy the show.

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