Around Forgiveness

Constance Gravestock's podcast, "AROUND FORGIVENESS" features interviews of interesting people from all walks of life, cultures, and religions.  Our guests share human interest stories of where and how they live with an emphasis on each one's perspective on FORGIVENESS. 

Every individual born into this world has suffered pain and disappointment at the words and actions of others.  Each person is responsibile for hurting others around them.  We come into this world demanding "I want what I want--and you had better get it for me!"  We spend the rest of our lives bumping up against others in our families, schools, work places, and all our social circles.  Learning to tame our selfish spirits is a lifelong task that isn't even complete when we come to our personal time of rest.  Forgiveness is a matter of our own self-survival as well as everyone else's safety!   We are forced by circumstances to FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER.  This action releases us from our own prison of guilt incurred from wronging others as well as disappointing ourselves.  Our premise is that we were put on this earth in order to learn to love our Creator first, then one another.  

Our purpose here is to examine the principle of FORGIVENESS in all it's varied aspects--what it costs us when we fail to appropriate it---but mainly; this is a place where people of the world are invited to share their forgiveness stories.  And that means YOU!  Join us in promoting awareness and appreciation for the privilege of FORGIVENESS!   

Our motto is, "He who loves best is the happiest"!