Ask The Beauty Advisor

Episode 6

How To Apply A Self Tanner

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Beauty Advisor Deanna Lynn answers listeners Sue chamber's   email  question  about any tips on self tanners.

 Everyone feels healthier thinner -- and maybe even prettier -- with a tan. And that's especially true this time of year when you'll  be wearing a sundress, shorts or inevitably  a swimsuit in public at some point. But under no circumstances do I advise tanning of the sun or using a tanning  bed of any variety I do firmly believe in using  Sunscreen,  here  where self-tanners come in . Even if you had a tanning mishap in the past, I promise it will be a whole new experience this time around: The formulas have come a long way in recent years.

While most new self-tanners won't leave you orange (phew), every self-tanner will leave you streaky if you apply it wrong. Follow these eight expert tips, and you're guaranteed a beautiful, even, tawny tan that will make you feel amazing. his is a picture and more ifo. post on my blog  and in the show there a link to our affiliate site CLICK HERE! If you like a chance to revive a personal beauty gift just send to me  a email or voice mail question and if it gets feature   on the show ill send you a personal  beauty gift. you can find all the contact info on my blog.

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