Episode 45

Part one of a conversation with Velodyne about the past, present and future of lidar

The Autonocast published on
Laser imaging sensor technology, known as lidar, has become one of the technologies most important technological enablers of autonomous drive. In order to better understand where lidar comes from and where it is going, the gang sits down with the man who invented the technology and the team that helps him run the biggest name in the lidar business. Velodyne founder and CEO David Hall invented lidar, pivoting his company from the (Alex Roy-approved) subwoofer business into the cutting edge of laser imaging. Joined by his wife, Velodyne President Martha Thoma Hall, as well as the company's Chief Technology Officer Anand Gopala, Hall takes The Autonocast inside the technology, company and markets he helped create. This is part one of an hour-long conversation, which will be concluded in the next episode of The Autonocast.
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