Average Zachs

Episode 3

Nitpicking, Laundry, and a Little Discussion About Hype

Zachary Hocking published on

This week Zach and Zack go into detail about Internet card games. In the news we talked about The Nintendo Direct of 04/12/2017, Yooka-Laylee's reviews, Microsoft's refund policy, and Nintendo ending sales of the Nintendo Classic.


Other Talking Points Include:


- E3 2017 Date


- "System Sellers"


- Boop Boop Boop Transition


- Zack trying to tie in Hype into the discussion


- What is a good game to play while doing laundry


- Zach being soft banned from his laundry room


- More Emulator Talk


- Disney and Star Wars


- Nintendo Scalpers


- Zach getting fed up with a virtual cat


- "Is this good radio?"


And a few inside jokes we don't let the listeners in on!

Remember, "it all comes back to No Man's Sky" Will Zach tell us more about laundry? Will Zack and Zach get over their issues with cats? Find out next episode!

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