Average Zachs

Episode 5

Stale Open Worlds, and the Growing Concern With the AAA Budget Bubble

Zachary Hocking published on

After almost 2 weeks the Zachs are back! 

To start, we are dropping the news. At least in any sort of official segmented way. Instead Zack and Zach bring different topics that they would like to talk about. This can range from discussing games they are playing, ideas and thoughts about game mechanics and the business side of the gaming industry, and more. As always, please be a bit patient with us as we work our way through this new format. 

Topics include:

- Are AAA games sustainable in their current budget bubble? 

- Indie games that we love

- Zach failing to mention the name of an indie game he talks about on the Nintendo Switch ("Kamiko")

- Awkward Transitioning

- Stale Open Worlds

And much more. Stay tuned for next week's episode where Zach apologizes for not name dropping Kamiko after searching for it on the recording, and Zack Ridiculing him for this mistake. Until then, Goodbye Moonmen

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