Average Zachs

Episode 2

The Real World, Revenue Loss, and Indie Click(er) Bait

Zachary Hocking published on

This week Zach and Zack both try their hand at talking about revenue loss and it goes about as ok as it can be. In the news, both Zachs discuss the G2A and Gearbox partnership, Atlus USA and their limitations on streaming Persona 5, and the progression of the Wii-U emulator. We tried a different format this week and because of that the first half may be a bit dry. Zack did his best with what he had to edit. We are still working on getting a flow going, so bear with us.


Other topics include:

- The beginning of our dumb transition music

- Zach failing to pick up on Zack trying to Transition

- Failed synchronization on Zach's end

- Zack Keeping up with No Man's Sky

- Totally not stereotyping characters in Atlas Reactor

- Quintessential example of gameplay

- Persona 5 is kind of like The Chronicles of Narnia

and a lot of cut dead air!

Stay tuned for next week's episode, where Zack claims we will talk about hype. Will the Zachs be able to stay on topic next week, or will it devolve into another ramble? Find out next week!


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  • Brian Hocking

    nicely edited. Well done. Good info.