Average Zachs

Episode 1

There is a Beginning for Everything

Zachary Hocking published on

The first episode of Average Zachs goes into a little of who the Zachs really are. Followed up by Zach going on for far too long about Mass Effect Andromeda, despite Zack's best effort to steer him away from the topic. Join us as Zach consistently fails to actually answer questions shot at him outright and instead makes long convoluted detours because he was just really wanting to talk about Andromeda. Luckily Zack was there to pull things together at the end. In the news we cover Gamestop closing down stores, Ubisoft's attempt at justifying "For Honor's" Micro-transaction costs, and more.

Yes, we are going to refer to ourselves as Zach and Zack every episode.

This week's podcast was going to air two weeks ago but due to delays on our end we had to wait until today. Go figure that starting up a podcast is sort of a lot of work. I hope everyone Enjoys!

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