Episode 4


Eliot Humphreys published on

Apologies for the lack of shows. Here's a mix.

1. "quiet in kinmount" by foxes in fiction

2. "soul windows" by retral & lunova labs

3. "planet party" by games

4. "lunch pack" by ventla

5. "?" by macintosh plus

6. "faces" by casa del mirto

7. "relax miley" by unicorn kid

8. "how to make a baby elephant float" by yo la tengo

9. "all 303's go to heaven" by elephant & castle

10. "inside my house, some place i keep dreaming about" by ricky eat acid 

11. "all dogs" by shannen moser

12. "magic mirror" by alex g

13. "(dream) / girl" by salvia plath

14. "apple walk" by ducktails

15. "no brain" by king of cats

16. "lonesome george" by happy trendy

17. "mich mit einer mond" by panda bear

18. "youth games" by kind spirit

19. "when you wake i'll be gone little cat" by heroin party

20. "v" by uuuuuu

21. "B:/ shut down/depression" by black banshee

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