BNP Podcast
Episode 59

The One That Got A Rover It Couldn't Afford

Nick Esparza published on

This week on The BNP Podcast, Nick and Gus are joined by BNP Family Members; Jose, aand Alejandro! The guys proceed to recap their weeks and then Nick is enamored with the fact he is recording the show with his phone meaning...hopefully a more organic cohesive video and audio podcast!! They also cover shower thoughts from r/Showerthoughts and there are some interesting ones this week. Our song share this week is Nick's Song of The Summer "Closer" by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey


In additon Nick reminds everyone about Extra Life 2016! "On November 5th The BNP Podcast Family is doing a stream on for 24 hours raising money for Extra Life for CHOC! All donations cash or online go directly to the kids and raise our donation amount allowing you to break more goals for the stream!"

Goals hit so far TOTAL DONATIONS - $200

P.T. Played LIVE on stream 

Amiibo Smash Bros Battle! 

Vegas Spanking Video Feat. Nick Rudy and Gus World Premiere LIVE on Stream Nov. 5th

Rap Battle (May be subject to change based on participants)

Gus cuts his hair and donates it and dyes what is left!!

Our next goal is at $250 which is "4 Locos Drinking 4 Loko" which when the challenge is completed will net an additonal $51 from participants raising our total to $301! So help us get there and suggest more goals!

Closer by The Chainsmokers: (iTunes) (Youtube)

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