B Positive
Episode 49

49 Bloody New Year

Fraser du Toit published on

2018 is at an end! Celebrate a tremendous year with us as we wade into a Bloody New Year!


In 1959, a group of party goers celebrate at a New Year's Eve party at a hotel before mysteriously disappearing. In the 1980s, friends Lesley, Janet, Spud, Tom, and Rick are spending the day at a seaside funfair, when they run afoul of local hooligans after rescuing the American tourist Carol. Running from the gang, they take a boat out to sea, only to run aground and be left stranded on an island.[1] Stumbling across the hotel, they look for help, only to find it abandoned, with no sign of staff or guests, except for ghostly figures that appear and disappear in the distance.

After some time, apparitions and monsters appear around the hotel, with even the building itself attacking the group, slowly picking them off, some who become zombies. With only Carol and Rick remaining, the ghosts of the 1959 party appear and explain that the hotel is stuck in a timewarp due to a scientific experiment gone wrong, leaving the undead guests trapped. As the last of the group are killed, they reappear as part of the original 1959 party, apparently trapped in the hotel.


Music by:

Kevin Mcleod - Drums of the Deep (https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1400021)


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