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Episode 28

Eye In The Sky

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Back to the Movies spends this week podcasting from the brightest timeline where instead of watching the nonsensical use of  drones in London Has Fallen, Caleb and Arthur watch the pulse pounding drone suspense thriller, Eye In The Sky. 

The film follows a UK military as they attempt to capture a deadly high level target before she makes her next move. The operation is coordinated on an international scale with drone pilots from Nevada, ground troops in Kenya, and a number of high level officials from around the world all work to see that the potential drone strike is legal.  The is directed by none other than Gavin Hood and stars a huge ensemble cast including Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Phoebe Fox, Barkhad Abdi, and Ian Glenn among many others. 

Caleb and Arthur give their initial thought before diving into the deeper, tricker waters of drone warfare. The film presents the complex dilemmas the power of drones over other countries has presented the western world with, but doesn't make a clear cut argument for or against the use of power. Your hosts take the conversation into personal and potentially controversial territory for the film's final leg of the show.

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