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Episode 31

Hardcore Henry Vs Midnight Special

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Back to the Movies was so excited about a couple of smaller April releases that we decided to do a head to head face off between two films battling for cult status, Hardcore Henry and Midnight Special. 

This week Caleb is joined by The People's History of Film's Dalton Stuart to discuss both films before laying verdicts and deciding a victor. We start by reviewing Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols' sleeper sci-fi flick, Midnight Special. The film stars Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, and Kirsten Dunst as a sort of family taking a a boy with mysterious boy named Alton to a strangely specific location while on the run from the US. Government.

After talking the heavy drama, we move on to look at Hardcore Henry, a film that is a vehicle for some of the coolest first person stunts and action sequences you'll ever see. Henry is a cyborg super solider whose wife is kidnapped by a telepathic scientist without motive. For better or for worse, it's the best video game adaptation we've seen yet.


Hardcore Henry vs Midnight Special Time Stamps

Midnight Special Review - 4:25

MS Spoilers - 20:08

Hardcore Henry Review - 26:08

HH Spoilers - 41:02

Tease For Next Week - 48:12 

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